Monday, August 22, 2011

Dogs out last week

Was a hot day and we always end up at the stream for a cool down.... We walk down the track and then they corner for the corn field but thought it was funny as you can see Tag missed the entrance going to fast LOL  Now remembering that Peanut is pregnant she is in the pink collar, Tag in the red and Nell in the grey and black....Few days on Tag's collar just dropped off whilst out with Simon. Good job he is pretty laid back now days and will walk to heel, in fact I would go as far as to say he is a pleasure to go out with and you can just about say he wont do anything out of place ....Had a Border Terrier pup come at him and jump all over his head and it was so quick out of the under growth I couldn't of stopped it but Tag being Tag he did nothing just carried on walking....OH God which reminds me . Took them a couple of weeks ago and I thought Tag had found an old knackered football so never gave it a thought as he was bouncing along and dropped it a couple of times and picked it up again....I was to busy looking for this old track we used to go on I hadn't taken any notice at all...Shit I felt so bad when I realized it was a bloody Hedgehog he was carrying and chomping on....I got him to drop it as soon as I realized and he had blood in his mouth but wasn't sure if it was his or the poor Hedgehog's ....I couldn't hang to see if it was ok ...Huge guilt pang
Nell loves her fishing and she can go under for quite a spell , Rosie just watches but I think she is verging on giving it a go LOL Tag has studied for a while and will go under but he doesn't like the feel of a stone and will often try to push them out rather than pick one up...But he did pick one up on this walk ....As you can see they are more like boulders than stones as Nell doesn't like to do anything by halves...She is a character.


Monday, May 3, 2010